Terms and Conditions

1. I understand and agree Sporting Ethos shall not be held liable for any physical injury or medical condition occurring out testing, training, or treatment during provision of any service in case of any false, incomplete, or incorrect information furnished by me in this form.

2. I agree to update my provider as soon as possible, should any of the information provided change within the course of treatment.

3. I acknowledge that the physiotherapist has given me information that is pertinent to my assessment and treatment, including the possible risks and side effects of the proposed treatment. In rare cases, some of the risks can be pain, muscle soreness, skin irritation, local burns, fainting, frostbite.

4. I understand and agree that the services provided by Sporting Ethos can be fulfilled by any of its team of qualified experts (for the relevant service) and the company does not guarantee that only one expert will be providing the treatment/service at all times.

5. I agree to Sporting Ethos using the inputs for research purposes provided my identity is guarded at all times.

6. I also hereby understand and agree that 100% payment needs to be made at the time of commencement of any Sporting Ethos Programmes.

7. Once paid for, no refund of any service shall be made by Sporting Ethos

Privacy Policy

1. Sporting Ethos takes all the measures to ensure that your data and personal information is kept private and confidential.

2. The company does utilize data from day-to-day work for research purposes and in such cases, your identity will be guarded at all times.

Privacy Policy

No refund or return shall be made once the payment is made to Sporting Ethos for any service being provided.

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