Young Athletes

At Sporting Ethos, we use the Long Term Athlete (LTAD) Programme as a guiding principle for approaching the development of young athletes.

The LTAD programme was developed in Canada in the 2000s and most of the top sporting nations have devised their own LTAD programme specific to each sport.

At Sporting Ethos, we focus on building a strong foundation which can enable a young athlete to achieve High Performance at a later stage in their career. This foundation is built on 3 main pillars: Mental, Physical and Skill.

We focus on first two factors which include the following aspects:
• Overall Athletic Ability: Working on overall athletic ability as opposed to sport-specific ability at a young age is found to have a better impact on performance at the elite level.
• Good biomechanics, posture and exercise technique: It is important that the athlete learns the correct movement mechanics before they achieve skeletal maturity. This enables the athlete to make major strength and power gains at the next stage of their development.
• Inculcating the correct habits and processes: The best time to inculcate good scientific habits for athletes is at a young age where we help them learn the basics of hydration, warm-ups, cool-downs, nutrition as well as some of the mental habits during training.
• Physical Literacy: The athlete should be aware of his/her body and the consequences of training and exercises on their systems. We educate the athletes to identify, report and manage area of concern with respect to their physical fitness and enable them to become aware of such aspets.

What We Offer

Assessment for Basic Fitness Parameters

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Advanced Assessment

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What Athletes Say


An amazing concept, very revolutionary, but also very important. I know they have the belief. I know they have the work ethic and I know they will make a lot of impact.

Dr. Satvir Rana
Director, Jaguar Football Club

There is a very small difference between what sets a champion apart from someone who can have a decent career. But science, now, helps us break down what you can improve and work on

Yuki Bhambri
Indian Tennis Player and Junior Australian Open Champion

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