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An amazing concept, very revolutionary, but also very important. I know they have the belief. I know they have the work ethic and I know they will make a lot of impact.

Dr. Satvir Rana
Director, Jaguar Football Club

There is a very small difference between what sets a champion apart from someone who can have a decent career. But science, now, helps us break down what you can improve and work on

Yuki Bhambri
Indian Tennis Player and Junior Australian Open Champion

Pratyush has been assisted by the entire team for his fitness, mental coaching and diet all under one umbrella. We also get to know about his pre-season screening and injury prevention. Wish Sporting Ethos all the best!”

Mr. Sunil Sharma
Parent of a young athlete

I have been training in India for about 10 years now and there is no (other) place where I found they incorporate Sports Sciences with Sports. This is the only place where both have been incorporated and have helped me prepare better for England. It’s something which gave me an edge because there is no one else in India who is doing this training

Vijay Malhotra
Indian Footballer who made it into Guisely Club, UK after school

Sporting Ethos has a great team of experts. Last year, I suffered a major injury and because of them I am back on court. What Sporting Ethos has offered, has not yet been offered by any other institution in this country

Dipanshu Garg
Professional Tennis Player

This is what Indian Sport needed very badly and now we have got it. It is a great boost for our country

Shivneel Berry
Professional Indian Golfer

I have been training with Sporting Ethos since they started. They have taken me to a better level to compete and towards my all-round development as an athlete. I won my second ITF title under them which has helped improve my ranking in the WTA circuit. I would like to thank them for all their support and wish them good luck

Arantxa Andrady
Professional Tennis Player

Manav has shown remarkable improvement in his psychological makeup ever since he joined Sporting Ethos. The physical training and diet were managed so scientifically that injuries and fatigue have been completely avoided.

Mr. Rajesh
Parent of a High Performing Junior Golfer