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Performance Planning

One of the key components of High Performance is detailed and specific planning for performance. This involves the following aspects:

A. Goal Setting: The first step towards performance planning is to set and align short-term (3 month) and long-term (12-18 months) goals with athletes. These goals need to be realistic, achievable, relevant and measurable. Further, we identify what needs to be done in order to achieve these goals in the time frame decided and what are the processes required to implement the same.

B. Calendar and Schedule Management: Once the goal-setting is done, we work with the athlete to planning and manage the his/her calendar and schedule in such a manner that it aligns with the processes marked to achieve the goals.

Calendar planning is done keeping in mind skill training, strength and conditioning, nutrition, mental aspect, academics, competitions and vacations.

C. Progress Evaluation: It is important to evaluate the progress the athlete is making on the set goals to ensure that we are on-track as well as to make any necessary changes to the training or calendar planning.

We will equip the athlete and his/her family with necessary tools required to evaluate progress made during a particular time-frame.