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Strength & Conditioning

In the modern era of sports, High Performance Athletes are not only required to be physically very fit and conditioned but their physical fitness levels should be such that they can perform at high levels and recovery quickly for another game in the next 24-48 hours.

To achieve the same, we need to have a systematic approach to Strength & Conditioning wherein the entire calendar is planned keeping in mind the gains in physical fitness which can be made season by season and year by year.

At Sporting Ethos, our NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning trainers (pop-up with full-form National Strength & Conditioning Association) scientifically assess the athletes (using standardized and latest equipment and protocols) on 10+ parameters of physical fitness which include:

1. Strength
2. Explosive Power for Upper and Lower Body
3. Local Muscular Endurance
4. Speed
5. Agility
6. Anaerobic Capacity
7. Cardiovascular Endurance
8. Reaction Time
9. Blood Lactate Threshold (for endurance sports)
10. Body Composition

Based on the assessments, age and sport of the player, they design and implement highly customized and dynamic Strength and Conditioning programme for each athlete to achieve significant gains in Strength & Conditioning which can be maintained during season and further improved in every off-season.

Our Strength & Conditioning facility is a 1500 sq ft space with the following features:

• 24 m running track
• Strength area for Olympic lifting and a Power Cage
• Heavy duty Sports treadmill for assessments (speed up to 40 km/hr and 22 degree incline)
• Plyometric Area
• Warm-up, cool-down and rehab area

Our facility also hosts an Ice Bath, Sleeping Room and a Cafeteria so that athletes can eat, hydrate and recover before or after their workout.

To set up a physical fitness assessment, you can book an appointment here.