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Sports Nutrition

Food is fuel: this is the philosophy we use at Sporting Ethos when it comes to Sports Nutrition. Nutrition is one of the key factors related to Recovery of the athlete on a daily basis and is critical to high performance and longevity in Sport.

Some of the important aspects of nutrition we focus on are:

Energy Intake = Energy Expenditure : Aligning varying energy expenditure (based on training land competition load) with energy intake in the form of foods and fluids.
Balance of Micro and Macro nutrients: Ensuring that the macro and micro nutrients are being consumed in line with the overall nutrient intake.
Nutrient Timing: Meals and snacks need to be planned at pre, post and during a practice/strength and conditioning session with the recommended type and amount of nutrition (based on the body weight, exercise intensity and duration).
Goal Setting: We set certain body composition and individualized goals for the athlete and map their consumption the recommended diet which is reviewed every fortnight so that changes can be made.
Hydration: Consumption of fluids (carbohydrates, electrolytes an water) to stay optimally hydrated at all times is critical for an athlete as even a 1% decline in body weight due to dehydration can have a detrimental impact of performance (reaction time, decision making, physical fitness and health).
Overall Recovery: Monitoring of nutrition intake and overall recovery levels enables us to suggest the correct mix of training load, diet, sleep, recovery methods individualized to the athlete.

To set up an assessment or a session with our Sport Nutritionist, you can book an appointment here.