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Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology is an integral part of an athlete’s overall development. Similar to skills and physical fitness, an athlete needs to train and rehearse the mental aspect of their game on a regular basis from a young age.

It needs to be understood that Sport Psychology can not only help athletes overcome issues like competitive anxiety, internal motivation but a Sport Psychology can also provide the athlete individualized techniques to help improve their performance.

At Sporting Ethos, the role of the Sport Psychologist goes a step further to ensure that the athlete is able to set realistic short-term and long-term goals in each department of his/her game and achieve them in co-ordination with their coaches, parents and Sport Science team.

Some of the common areas where Sport Psychology can play a decisive role are:

• Replicating good performance in training to consistent performance in competitions

• Enjoyment of the Sport and prevention of early burn-out

• Overcoming the “fear of failure” or competitive anxiety

• Helping the athlete become process-oriented in training and competition by introducing various routines
• Coping with the external environment and factors affecting his/her game

• Maintaining a healthy balance between all aspects of daily life to ensure longevity in the Sport

• During rehabilitation from any injury and preparing the player to return to sport after the injury.

Sport Psychology for Parents

Being a Sports Parent can be very challenging and it is important the parents of young athletes are able to provide a conducive environment for their children to excel in Sport.

It is also very important that a sense of balance prevails in the home atmosphere as well as the parents’ lives to contribute to a healthy atmosphere.

Given the mental, physical, financial and emotional investment in the child’s sport is demanding and our Sport Psychologist can provide parents with the necessary tools and inputs to manage the same.

To set up an assessment or a session with our Sport Psychologist, you can book an appointment here.