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Injury Management

Injury Management is more than just physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises. At Sporting Ethos, our aim is to ensure that the athlete returns to Sport with the best preparation and starts training with systematic loading.

At Sporting Ethos, we offer a comprehensive and phase-wise Injury Management Programme which incorporates the mental, physical and nutritional aspect of rehabilitating from an injury.

We provide the athlete with the following support for his/her injury management:

1.    Treatment/Physiotherapy
2.    Corrective Exercises
3.    Strength & Conditioning
4.    Nutrition Support to ensure minimum muscle loss and control Percentage Body Fat
5.    Sport Psychology support to stay in touch with the Sport and to mentally prepare for return to the Sport.
6.    Planning of Training load in the initial weeks post recovery

Our team of experts works together to ensure that the athlete is making progress through different phases of Injury Management.

Please find below the step-wise approach to the injury management programme at Sporting Ethos:

1.    Identify nature of injury and root cause
2.    Determine plan of action/treatment
3.    Provide Physiotherapy (manual and modality based based on nature of injury) to alleviate pain and promote healing.
4.    Incorporate localized Strengthening and Postural/Movement correction
5.    Begin Functional training for achieving full range of motion.
6.    Resume Strength & Conditioning before returning to Sport to reduce chances of recurrence.
7.    Plan Training Load and Recovery after return to Sport.