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Comprehensive Assessments

We carry out a comprehensive assessment for an athlete to identify respective areas of strength and improvement and to set a baseline so that the progress made can be accurately monitored with periodic assessments.

This comprehensive assessment is conducted over 2-3 days (based on the age and sport(s) played of the athlete)
1. Sports Physician Assessment (30 min): Our Sports Physician will assess the athlete from a health point from view and the purpose is to prevent any lapse from a health point of view.
2. Functional Movement Screen (40 min): The athlete will be evaluated for his posture, stability of different joints, mobility of different muscle groups, any asymmetries between right and left as we as any muscular strength imbalances.
3. Physical Fitness Assessment (120 min over 2 days): We will assess the athlete for different parameters of physical fitness (including explosive power,muscular and cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, quickness, anaerobic capacity, reaction time, body composition etc). This assessment helps us create aindividualized programme for Strength & Conditioning.

4. Sports Psychology Assessment (45 min with athlete, 30 min with parentsif athlete is a minor): Our Sport Psychologist will assess the athlete for areas of strength and improvement (including mental toughness, competitive anxiety and sports motivation).

5. Sports Nutrition Assessment (40 min): We will assess the athlete’s daily activity and diet recall and gauge what is the requirement and suggest guidelines which he/she can adopt.
In this regard, we will request that the athlete maintain a log of the last 2-3 days of activity, Resting Heart Rate (RHR) diet and fluid intake for us to have a better idea of the recall
Repeat physical fitness assessments will be carried out every 3-4 months to gauge the progress made by the athlete.

Download Activity and Diet Recall Sheet here.
Download Instructions for Assessments here.