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Coaches influence an athlete’s behavior and approach to their Sport in many different ways. They also have to adopt an individualized approach to each athlete based on the athlete’s personality, age, gender, skill among other factors.

Historically, given the lack of support from sport science professionals, Indian coaches have had to take the mantle of addressing various aspects of an athlete’s development which can be really overwhelming when the athlete to coach ratio is high.

Our team aims to work together with coaches and provide them the following support:

1. Scientific Support from Professionals in every department of the athlete’s development including Strength & Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, Sport Psychology, Injury Prevention/Management, Recovery Monitoring and Methods. This enables the coaches to focus on the skill development, refinement as well as programming the daily, weekly and monthly training programme and schedules in an individualized manner.
2. Goal Setting to help athletes and coaches set realistic, measureable, achievable and time-bound goals so that we can ensure continuous improvement for the athlete.
3. Periodic Review Meetings: Our team of experts will help the coaches set up review meeting with the athlete to discuss areas of improvement and the progress made in the recent past.
4. Comprehensive Assessments and Athlete Tracking: We assess the athletes periodically and track their daily routine, recovery, nutrition, hydration to help coaches stay updated on current physical fitness levels of the athlete.
5. Interactions with Experts: We conduct various interactions with coaches with on Sport Psychology, Sport Nutrition and Injury Prevention on a regular basis. We welcome all coaches to be a part of such interactions and provide useful insights for a healthy and productive discussion on enhancing athlete performance.
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