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Athletes always thrive upon a healthy, happy and complete support system: the backbone of such a system being their family.

Sports Parents take up multiple roles which include providing financial, emotional, logistical support for which they spend a lot of time, effort and money. They also have to pursue their careers, maintain social obligations and look after various other aspects of life.

Having interacted with more than 3000 Sport Parents over the last 5 years, we realize that it could be daunting and highly challenging task. The interesting thing to note is that performance on the field by the athlete may not be directly correlated to the “perceived effort” put in by the parents.

To ensure that Sports Parents are able to provide the best possible support at home to the athletes and that they are able to manage their responsibilities and balance them with their child’s sport, we would like to recommend certain tools and channels:

1. Interaction with our team of experts including our Sport Psychologist who can help address individual concerns and areas
2. Our Blog Articles throwing light on a scientific approach to Athlete Development and nuances of Parent-Athlete Communication
3. External Resources for Sports Parents from across the globe which shed light on the important factors which affect athlete development and performance
4. Workshops for Parents organized by Sporting Ethos
5. Checklists and tools to help parents understand how to evaluate progress made by their child in Sport