Recreational Athletes

At Sporting Ethos, we understand that Sport and physical fitness is a very important aspect of our Recreational Athletes’ lifestyle.

Our main aim is to provide our recreational athletes with the necessary information, guidance and training so that they can reduce their injury rate and perform better in the Sport(s) of their choice.

Services for Endurance Sport athletes (running, cycling, swimming, triathlons etc.)

Scientific Assessments (Estimating VO2 max, blood lactate threshold among other physical fitness parameters)
Injury Prevention through screening and individualized corrective exercises
Strength & Conditioning to ensure that one’s physical fitness levels (including strength and explosive power) are aligned to the goals set in the Sport.
Injury Management to help you return to Sport after proper and systematic rehabilitation.

Corporate Workshops

We also conduct workshops with corporates on Injury Prevention which focuses on basic posture and movement mechanics. These workshops are followed by individual screening and customized corrective exercises are provided to each participant which can be easily incorporated in their his/her daily schedule.

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What We Offer


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What Athletes Say


Pratyush has been assisted by the entire team for his fitness, mental coaching and diet all under one umbrella. We also get to know about his pre-season screening and injury prevention. Wish Sporting Ethos all the best!”

Mr. Sunil Sharma
Parent of a young athlete

Manav has shown remarkable improvement in his psychological makeup ever since he joined Sporting Ethos. The physical training and diet were managed so scientifically that injuries and fatigue have been completely avoided.

Mr. Rajesh
Parent of a High Performing Junior Golfer

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