Professional Athletes

Being a Professional athlete can be extremely demanding, both mentally and physically and you need a Support Team to help you tackle these demands in the best possible manner.

Our team at Sporting Ethos understands the challenges faced by professional athletes. Our High Performance Model enables us not only to tack individual aspects of your game but also goes a step ahead and provides you with the best tracking mechanisms which help in optimizing your performance.

Some of the salient features of our services for Professional athletes include:

• Dynamic Performance Planning based on training and competition calendar as well as current status of training load, recovery and psychological preparation.
• Hands-on Injury Management Programme to tackle small niggles and prevent them from flaring up into bigger injuries.
• Sport Psychology support: Constant access to our Sport Psychologist so that you can discuss your performance and progress even on the move.
• Recovery Tracking: Professional sport demands quick recovery in short periods of time. We follow the international standards of recovery monitoring on a daily basis of our professional athletes so that we can provide them regular feedback on areas which they need to focus upon to achieve adequate recovery.
• Access to Sponsors: We also provide interface to professional athletes with our brand partners and other associate organizations for sponsorship purposes.

What We Offer

Pre-season Screening

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Advanced Assessment

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Please bring any relevant health records related to medical history for the very first meeting or when meeting the Sports Physician.

What Athletes Say


Sporting Ethos has a great team of experts. Last year, I suffered a major injury and because of them I am back on court. What Sporting Ethos has offered, has not yet been offered by any other institution in this country

Dipanshu Garg
Professional Tennis Player

This is what Indian Sport needed very badly and now we have got it. It is a great boost for our country

Shivneel Berry
Professional Indian Golfer

I have been training with Sporting Ethos since they started. They have taken me to a better level to compete and towards my all-round development as an athlete. I won my second ITF title under them which has helped improve my ranking in the WTA circuit. I would like to thank them for all their support and wish them good luck

Arantxa Andrady
Professional Tennis Player

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