Outstation Athletes

Athletes outside of Delhi/NCR can also avail the following services:

1. Comprehensive Assessment

Athletes can visit Sporting Ethos and get assessed by all our experts. Read more about our Comprehensive Assessment here.
You can also interact with our experts and find how out how you can improve on the areas identified in the assessment.

2. Off-Season Module

We recommend 16 weeks of off-season (either in one block or 2 blocks of at least 8 weeks) in which the focus is make significant gains in physical fitness for the next competitive season.
Athletes can stay near our centre and undergo their off-season Strength & Conditioning training with us for a period of 8-10 weeks. Since there are multiple sports complexes in the vicinity of Sporting Ethos, athletes can also work on their skill during the day.

The off-season training module at Sporting Ethos includes the following services:

A. Injury Management, if required
B. Strength & Conditioning: 4-5 times a week S&C training
C. Sports Nutrition: nutrition plan for duration of stay
D. Sport Psychology: one session a week
E. Recovery Methods

3. Expert Visits

For a group of 10 or more athletes, Sporting Ethos can travel to any location in India and provide the following services:

A. Periodic Physical Fitness Assessments
B. Sport Psychology Programme: Monthly visits by Sport Psychologist for sessions
C. Sports Nutrition planning and recovery monitoring done remotely from our High
Performance Centre and our expert can visit once in a month to review the progress made by the athlete.

What We Offer


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Assessment & Training: You are advised to wear proper athletic attire and training shoes for prior to any assessment or training session.
Physiotherapy: Please wear comfortable clothing if possible.
Psychology or Nutrition: If you have a physical assessment session planned, please wear proper athletic attire.

What Athletes Say


I have been training in India for about 10 years now and there is no (other) place where I found they incorporate Sports Sciences with Sports. This is the only place where both have been incorporated and have helped me prepare better for England. It’s something which gave me an edge because there is no one else in India who is doing this training

Vijay Malhotra
Indian Footballer who made it into Guisely Club, UK after school

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